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This decade was dominated by the start of WW2, when Germany invaded Poland on September the 1st 1939.  Two days later on September the 3rd  England and France declared war on Germany.
In Challock a major change took place when mains water came to the village in the early 30’s.  Before that villagers had to rely on rain water or wells which in most cases had to be 2 to 300 feet deep. (From Challock Memories 1920 0nwards by Evelyn McGee)
In 1932 a Soldier, Pte James Collins of the East Kent Regt (The Buffs) made his way up to Challock from Ashford walking.   He was was passed by two women and a child  in a car. At the top of the hill on the edge of Kings Wood he found them preparing a picnic. His mind snapped and he shot all three of them with his service rifle. He then went on to London in their car.  He was subsequently arrested and at his trial was found guilty but insane.

Pictures supplied by Hugh Potter

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Wedding of Harold Marsh to Emily Barton in 1932.

Taken outside the old Village Hall

Around the world in the 1930's.

1930  The planet Pluto was discovered.  Sliced bread first appeared.    1931.  The statue of Christ on the hilltop in Rio de Janeiro and the Empire State Building in America were completed.   1932  Amelia Earhardt flew solo across the Atlantic and scientists split the atom.  1933 Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.

1934  Bonnie & Clyde died. Monopoly appeared.   1935  Alcoholics Anonymouse founded.   1936  Hoover dam completed.  Edward VIII abdicates.  Spanish civil war starts.

In the 1930,s the Kent Messenger published two articles (under the byline DR) about Challock.  One was entitled Kent Village that induces longevity. The other Bakers through the centuries.  Click here to read some of the interesting facts from these two articles.

Fred Chapman & Joyce Potter
(on top of cart)
Fred Chapman & Harold Marsh
At the Old Bakery

Fred Hams & Mary Austen in costume for the coronation of King George the V!

Photos by Fred Hams click photos for full size

Garage on the Lees

Queenie Penny on the Lees

Note the building in the background. This is a 1st world war aeroplane hanger owned by Capt Worthington

>>>>     Mr & Mrs Fred Hoare

Mr Hoare was a bricklayer and farmer

Photos by Fred Hams click photos for full size

The Halfway House


Clarissa Perry, wife of the Rev Fred Perry

Ivy Farm Cottage, George Marsh Snr with

George Jnr and Hilda

Pictures by Mary Doody (Austen)

Charles Austen elected Chairman of the Parish Council in July 1938 a post he held until his death in February 1978